Cesantes Beach and San Simón Island

Cesantes beach is a sandbank more than two kilometers long located in a wonderful natural environment, in the middle of Ensenada de San Simón. From the Cesantes beach we can [...]

Cesantes Beach and San Simón Island2024-01-05T08:54:15+01:00

Redondela Town Center

The network of streets and squares of the old town responds to the primitive medieval planimetry. On one side was the fenced town (it was at least since the [...]

Redondela Town Center2024-01-05T08:54:15+01:00

Mount and Viewpoint of A Peneda

This place, a meeting point between the municipalities of Redondela and Soutomaior, emerges as one of the places with the best landscapes in the area. There at the top, 327 [...]

Mount and Viewpoint of A Peneda2024-01-05T08:54:15+01:00

A Feixa Waterfall

Redondela has one of the most beautiful corners in the entire municipality. In 2014 the place was valued, signposted and conditioned with a path to be able to observe [...]

A Feixa Waterfall2024-01-05T08:54:15+01:00

Meirande Museum

The Ría de Vigo jealously guards great secrets, innumerable riches and treasures, the result of various battles between fleets in order to loot merchandise.To remember, protect and extol this hidden [...]

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Os Eidos Cemetery

In the place of Os Eidos, a large space next to Campo das Redes and located outside the walls of the town, there was an old hospital for the [...]

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