The network of streets and squares of the old town responds to the primitive medieval planimetry. On one side was the fenced town (it was at least since the 14th century) which was accessed through various gates. The only remains of that wall remain around the church of Santiago. On the other hand, there is the seaside neighborhood, developed from the small tidal port and the Jacobean route. The fishermen’s houses, with their gabled roofs, their whitewashed walls and the fishing tools on the door, divided the space between hórreos to store the crops.

In addition to strolling through these old streets, in the center of Redondela you can visit the Castelao Park, the Casa da Torre (Tower House), the Redondela Church, the Vilavella Convent, and observe the famous Redondela Viaducts, one of the symbols of the town.